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What are some natural skin lightening ingredients?

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I’m making my own skin lightening soap and need suggestions on what I should use.
So far I’ve gotten these on my list:
~papaya extract
~licorice extract
~goat’s milk
~lemon juice
Not to be rude but I didn’t post this question to receive a lecture.It’s simply my personal choice.Either post answers that pertain to my question or keep it moving. ;)

Skin White Soap

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Skinwhite Goat Milk Whitening Soap: This is the first product launched by Skincare. It is a very effective skin whitener and moisturizer. Its key ingredient ie pure goat milk makes it the most effective whitening soap and as it consists of purely natural ingredients it has no side effects and never leaves your skin dry. To make it further more effective 3 skin variants are available to suit each skin type. Normal skin formula Oily skin formula Dry skin formula